It's been a while that I wanted to go to Northern Finland to see some of its boreal creatures. You may see a wolf in Germany nowadays but others have been gone for a while. After a long trip I arrived in the remote region of Kuhmo, close to the Russian border. The last mile (well 20 miles) consisting in gravel road - do not hit the nearly brand new rent Volvo - it ended in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a rocky forest with dense boreal coniferous vegetation. Sleeping during the day, I then spent three nights in small wooden cabins of 3mx1m from around 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. Wildlife is "incentivized" to show up by food so the whole thing has to be categorized as influenced nature, certainly a critical point of this kind of tourism. Though I even met Finnish people from the region that were staying in order to finally see the resident animals from a decent distance and not merely as shadows in the distance.


The mystic

First encounters


Watch your back


Early bears and birds




Fairy tale


Good night

In the open


From dusk till dawn




Probiers mal mit Gemütlichkeit


glow in the dark





Furry and scratchy




Majestic light



That was fun pal wasn't it har har